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Temporary Toilet

Temporary Toilet

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Today, the basic need of toilets in rural areas is the major problem in the country. We have come up with a solution for it with our Temporary Toilet. We proffer complete turnkey solutions for this prefab structure covering designing, fabrication, structural engineering and installation. In designing this structure, special attention is paid for proper ventilation of fresh air. On the other side, our Temporary Toilet can be also used at off- sites.  It is best for remote areas and rural villages where there is scarcity of resources and permanent construction of toilets may take time.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Dry construction
  • Easy to expand
  • Designed with proper ventilation for fresh air
  • Suitable for hot regions as well as cold regions
  • Attached with basic amenities and basic facilities

Used for:

  • Temporary schools and health care centres

Application areas:

  • Camps
  • Rural villages
  • Military camps
  • Off site construction
  • Remote areas